Terrace Bay Downtown Public Forum

TERRACE BAY, ON –  Tues, July 6th, approximately 50 people attended a public forum where Municipal Staff outlined in great detail the activities to be completed in the Terrace Bay Downtown Revitalization Project. 

Residents asked numerous excellent questions about the construction and how it would enhance the community.  Municipal Staff also outlined the rebranding project whereby a new municipal slogan and logo are being developed to build on the  downtown theme and residents shared much positive and constructive feedback. 

A report will now be presented to Council at the next meeting for their consideration.  For more information on the downtown revitalization project, please visit www.terracebay.ca/drp

A ground breaking ceremony for the downtown revitalization project is scheduled for Monday, July 12 at 4:00pm in Simcoe Plaza in front of Costa’s Food Market and CIBC. 

Everyone is encouraged to attend as we celebrate this incredible milestone in our communities history.

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