Terrace Bay Supportive Housing Committee Formed

Terrace Bay Supportive Housing Committee

TERRACE BAY, ON – Monday June 6, 2011, Terrace Bay Council formally approved the formation of the new Supportive Housing Committee of Council with the committee holding its first meeting on Wednesday June 8, 2011 in the Council Chambers. 

Council had requested volunteers to serve on the committee in May and it resulted in an overwhelming response from members of the community.  Committee members were selected based on the wide variety of skill sets required for the project, which is aimed at filling the need for supportive housing for seniors, persons with disabilities, and respite care.  These demographic needs were identified by the Thunder Bay District Social Services and Administration Board (DSSAB) in its “Under One Roof” housing strategy which is still in draft form.  The goal of the committee is to achieve an acceptable level of supportive housing in Terrace Bay. 

Supportive Housing is designed for people who need minimal to moderate personal care and support to live independently.  There are various types of supportive housing, including apartments and group residences. Services typically include personal care and support on a daily basis (with 24-hour availability of these services), as well as essential homemaking. 

The first meeting included introductions of committee members, development of a draft terms of reference for operating the committee, basic education for committee members, and a discussion on next steps and the role of committee members.  Mayor Michael King was selected as the committee Chair and Susan Lubberdink was chosen for the Vice Chair position.  Other committee members include: Dr. Annabella Zawada (who will also serve as secretary), Laurie Knutsen, Mona Daykin, Joan Clark, Councillor Rick St. Louis, and the Special Projects Co-ordinator Sean Irwin.  Mayor Michael King said “The need for this type of service in Terrace Bay is very clear and became even more apparent with the interest from the public in assisting with this project.  We are quite happy with the makeup of the committee and look forward to achieving our goal of an acceptable level of supportive housing in Terrace Bay”. 

Terrace Bay will be working with Thunder Bay DSSAB and different government agencies in shaping the project.  One of the key activities in the short-term will be demonstrating the need for this type of housing and residents and healthcare organizations will be asked for their feedback and their support.  For more information on the Terrace Bay Supportive Housing Committee, visit the project webpage at www.terracebay.ca/shc or look for it under the LIVE section of the Terrace Bay website. 

Residents that would like to voice their feedback on the project or send a letter of support outlining their personal experience with the need for this type of housing, can email Sean Irwin at spc@terracebay.ca or call 825-3315, ext 231.

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