SUPERIOR EAST, ON -The snow finally gone and our children are back out on their bicycles.  Parents should make a few simple safety checks to ensure their child’s bike is safe to ride.  The first check should be sizing the bicycle to the child.  Other equipment checks are;

  • The chain fits snugly
  • Brakes are working properly
  • Tires are inflated to recommended pressure
  • Horn or bell working
  • Reflectors: white at the front and red at the rear
  • Make sure no spokes are bent or broken
  • Check pedals are on securely and in good condition
  • Night riding requires a headlight

Also ensure the child’s bike helmet fits properly and that the outer shell is not cracked or dented.  The interior should be intact as well.  Each year children are seriously injured or killed in bicycle collisions and most are the result of head injuries.  Up to 85% of serious head injuries could be prevented by wearing a helmet.  It is important to wear a helmet whenever riding and it’s also the law for those under the age of 18 years.  Charges under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act are, Under 18 no helmet and Permit person under 16 to ride without helmet.  Both fines are set at $80.00.

The OPP are committed to keeping the public safe.  Wearing a bicycle helmet every time you ride is one small step that will keep your children from becoming a statistic, says Staff Sergeant Marc Loranger Detachment Commander Superior East.

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