Letter to the Editor – Inspiring Traveller To Make His Way West Through Northshore

Letter & photos submitted by Shelly Oksanen-Dubreuil

Shelley (fourth from left) and her running group with Jamie McDonald (centre with white shirt). Photos courtesy SOD

McDonald Arriving at Sault Ste. Marie YMCA where a crowd awaited him. Photos SOD


Sharing this link ( regarding Jamie McDonald a young man who is running across Canada , inspiring story to share .. Can u please share with the grateful citizens of Manitouwadge [Northshore].  I’m hoping when he gets closer people will take the drive with their kids to cheer him on as he passes by , get a few pics of the monuments there, maybe donate a [community] pin to add to the stroller he is pushing , or even be gracious enough to give home food and water!!

He is presently in SSM [August 19th] , myself with my running group ran into the sault with him to our YMCA, he’s running the equivalent of a Marathon each day since beginning in Newfoundland in March!! As well, while in the Sault, he celebrated his 27th birthday.

He anxious to see moose lol I told him they are in the run ahead .. Along with black flies and mosquitoes !!! Our running group is meeting him at 8 am tomorrow (Tuesday, August 20th) and we will run exiting Sault Ste Marie with him .. I hope my hometown can give him a warm cheer as he has quite a story to share !!

Jamie is a UK citizen inspired by Terry Fox [hoping to participate in the 2013 Terry Fox Run possibly in Thunder Bay]. He’s running for sick kids in Toronto as well as Pies Piper in UK as he suffered a condition very young in life causing him to be hospitalized and immobile for months! He’s also many other amazing things; biked from bancock to his home in UK, and he broke the record of longest pedaling on a stationary bike: 12 days! He’s truly an amazing man.

His final destination is British Columbia in December, 120 days away 🙂

P.S.  He is on Facebook  (click to like) and Twitter (click to follow) and loves to be followed


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