Federal and Provincial Greens Plan Cooperation

Nuclear Waste, Ring of Fire, Electricity Costs

Federal Green Party MP Bruce Hyer and GPO Leader . Submitted Photo

Federal Green Party MP Bruce Hyer and GPO Leader Mike Schreiner . Submitted Photo

THUNDER BAY, ON – Cooperation between Canada and Ontario that emphasizes northern issues is the pledge that Green MP Bruce Hyer and GPO leader Mike Schreiner made today.

Hyer and Schreiner are working together on a cross jurisdictional plan to responsibly develop the Ring of Fire, protect Lake Superior from radioactive nuclear waste, and lower electricity prices in northwestern Ontario.

“Thunder Bay needs an independent voice that will speak for northerners,” says Schreiner. “Bruce Hyer has demonstrated repeatedly that he can work with other parties and the province to get things done for Thunder Bay Superior North.”

Hyer will work with all levels of government, including First Nations, to develop a comprehensive land use plan for north of 50; support value-added local processing with affordable renewable electricity from Manitoba for all northern communities; ensure that all aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities benefit from mining developments; and support federal funding for road corridors and rail access to the Ring of Fire.  

“Lower electricity prices, federal infrastructure support, environmental protections, and shared benefits to all communities are essential to making the Ring of Fire work for northerners,” says Hyer. “I’m committed to using the Green Party’s leverage in a minority Parliament to influence federal policies.”

Hyer and Schreiner are also committed to protecting the well being of northern communities by strongly opposing the storage of radioactive nuclear waste in the Lake Superior watershed.

“If you don’t want nuclear waste in our backyard, then you can trust me with your vote,” says Hyer. “Mike Schreiner and I will work together to stop shipments of Toronto’s nuclear waste, and to phase out expensive nuclear power with lower cost water power from Manitoba and Quebec.”

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