Has Your Mayor Accepted The Challenge?

Information provided by the Canadian Cancer Society

CdnCancerSocietyNORTHWESTERN ONTARIO – October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the Canadian Cancer Society Northwest Region has challenged the mayors to help us raise awareness (by spreading the word, sporting pink clothing, painting their nails pink, or temporarily dying their hair). The Canadian Cancer Society believes that as leaders of their community, they have the power to help make a difference. We’ve also asked them to help us raise funds towards a cure for breast cancer.

To date, participating Mayors are :

  • Mayor Bazzoni of White River,
  • Mayor Dumas of Marathon,
  • Mayor Kennard of Ignace,
  • Mayor Figliomeni of Schreiber,
  • Mayor Lawrance of Sioux Lookout,

of course it is not too late! Challenge YOUR Northwestern Ontario Mayor to join this initiative.

How are the Mayors raising awareness and/or funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Mayor Bazzoni will be doing a Mayor’s Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness and invites other Municipal Council, staff, and community members interested in joining the cause to collect pledges and walk with him.

Mayor Dumas will be dying his mustache pink on October 26th and will be accepting pledges throughout the month.

Mayor Figliomeni and Council members will be sporting pink (clothes, hair, nails, etc.) on October 27th in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. This includes that evening’s council meeting (watch the livestream of the Council meeting on OntarioNewsNorth.com’s home page) Pledges will be collected.

Mayor Kennard will be doing a trick-or-treat challenge. If he raises $500, he will paint his nails pink; if he raises $750, he will dye his hair pink; and if he raises over $1,000, he will wear a pink dress and high heels. He will then be going door to door (homes and businesses) on October 31st, to raise more funds. He will be carrying a pink purse and, if someone makes a donation during this trick-or-treat challenge, he will be giving out pink candy.

Mayor Lawrance has set a goal of $2,500 or more for a one-day wear-it-pink day, which will include a fundraising lunch with the Mayor.  The wear-it-pink day is currently planned for Thursday, October 29th. Municipal staff and Mayor Lawrance will be wearing pink.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is about more than raising awareness – it’s about taking action to save lives. The good news is that the death rate from breast cancer has fallen by 44% since the 1980’s, thanks to ground-breaking advances in cancer research. Advances made possible by generous donations. Unfortunately, it’s still not enough. About 5,000 Canadian women will die of breast cancer this year. This October, we are fighting to change that.

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