Investigate Interference With Care of Injured Workers: NDP (incl.Video)

QUEEN’S PARK, ON – Ontario NDP MPP Cindy Forster called on the Minister of Labour to launch an immediate investigation into the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s (WSIB) interference with the medical care of injured workers.

“Today we’re joined by a number of doctors from across the province who are at Queen’s Park to validate a report called ‘Prescription Over-Ruled’ which highlights that the WSIB is intentionally and systematically ignoring the advice of medical professionals.”

“Speaker, will the Minister launch an immediate investigation into these claims?” Forster asked.

Forster held a press conference at Queen’s Park this morning to address a damning report from the Ontario Federation of Labour titled “Prescription Over-Ruled”. The report alleges WSIB is deeming seriously injured workers fit for work despite the recommendations of doctors and clinical therapists in an effort to clear their caseloads. The report also claims injured workers across the province are being re-victimized by WSIB.

Forster called for an immediate investigation into the claims in the legislature during Question Period this morning.

“Speaker, these WSIB denials are now subject of a whistle blower report by the Ontario Federation of Labour. These doctors are here today to sound the alarm bells and ensure necessary steps are taken to stop WSIB’s re-victimization of our province’s injured workers.”

“It’s a deplorable state of affairs where the medical advice of doctors and clinical therapists is being ignored, all so that WSIB can ensure their claim numbers look good. To be clear, WSIB is re-victimizing the very workers it’s designed to protect.”

“Will the Premier commit to follow up on the report’s recommendations, launch an investigation and ensure WSIB respects the independent professional opinions of Ontario’s medical experts?” Forster asked.

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