Santa Claus : A profile including information from NORAD

Talking with Santa when he visited Manitouwadge December 17th. Our Township Community Programmer, Shawna Patterson, organizes a community party around Santa’s visit, for all the kids in town. Photo

Part-2 of 3 in our Christmas Report Series

Santa Claus is a magical man who lives at the North Pole and has been bringing toys and presents to all the girls and boys around the world who believe in him, every year on the night of December 24!

Santa has been making girls and boys around the world very happy for many years and NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has been tracking him on his magical journey for over 60 years! 

On Christmas Eve he makes his journey in his magical sleigh pulled by 9 magical reindeer [for more info about  Santa’s reindeer read my previous post here].

Santa Claus’ age in unknown, but we do now that he is very old and he goes by many different names! Some of the names Santa Claus answers to include, but are not limited to; St. Nick, Santa, Santa Claus, and Father Christmas. (continued below…)

The Snack Station I set up for Santa and his reindeer) Christmas Eve prior to going to bed. I posted a video sharing details of what I included in Santa’s Snack Station, you can watch it here: . Photo

On the night of Christmas Eve, before going to bed, many people leave santa a treat. Traditionally milk and cookies, and carrots for the reindeer but Santa’s sweet tooth doesn’t end there… I know from experience that Santa likes anything sweet! Last year I left him: a juice box, a glass of milk, pumpkin cookies, girl guide cookies and a muffin, he ate it all and of course the reindeer loved the carrots. There were even pieces left in the drive way on Christmas morning! So no matter what kind of sweets you leave Santa, he’ll enjoy them! He is magical after all! According to NORAD Santa weighs about 260lbs at takeoff and ways over 1200lbs at landing from all the milk and cookies and other sweets!

Santa Claus’ wife is Mrs. Claus, even NORAD isn’t certain what her first name is but, like her husband, she must be very old!

Santa has many elves who help him, and some even come down from the North Pole to see kids!

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and be sure to come back Saturday, December 31st for the third and final report in the series! To learn more about NORAD and NORAD Tracks Santa go to:


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