Northern Ontario Party Applauds Effforts of Labour Unions

Submitted by Trevor Holliday,  Northern Ontario Party Leader

The Northern Ontario party continues to support and applaud the efforts of all labour unions who fight to make Northern Ontario a better place to live and raise a family. Recently, Trevor Holliday the NOP party leader was able to visit and hear the concerns of CUPE local 2073 (The Canadian Hearing Society) whose members are currently walking the picket line. After his visit, Trevor wrote the following letter.

I am ashamed with the way the government manages its affairs with unionized workers. The provincial ministers should not be allowing company managers to walk away from negotiations when employees still wish to negotiate. Worst yet is they lock out the employees. Why is it that this is okay, but the government can’t manage their own finances and are allowed to work and get paid. If they cannot balance the budget, then they should be locked out and an election held. It is time for the legislature to get off their asses and being more proactive and involved in the process. It is disgusting how they leave CUPE 2073 -CHS 4 years without a contract and also CUPE 2049 locked out. If Kathleen Wynne and her ministers can not conduct business maybe it is time to end their contracts.


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