MP Serré : Ring of Fire announcement will strengthen CLEER “supercluster” submission

MP Marc Serré elated with Ring of Fire Announcement as it will strengthen the CLEER “supercluster” submission which will benefit all of Northern Ontario

NICKEL BELT, ON – Marc Serré, Member of Parliament for Nickel Belt, issued the following statement in response to recent news that the Canadian Mining Innovation Council (CMIC) and the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) have together submitted a letter of intent to the federal government detailing their joint plan to access a $950 million of government funding over five years to create a mining ‘supercluster’ of technological innovation that promises to create jobs and spur economic growth. In their letter of intent, CMIC and CEMI propose to create a new, joint consortium called CLEER (Clean, Low-energy, Effective, Engaged, and Remediation) that would form the backbone of the new mining ‘supercluster.’

MP Marc Serre

“First let me begin by thanking the members of CMIC, CEMI, and the countless academic and industry leaders in the mining sector for their hard work and dedication to creating a new collaborative partnership in the form of the proposed CLEER consortium initiative outlined in their letter of intent to the federal government. There is a united front by all who see the great benefit for the future growth for the mining industry through this initiative. I see a collaboration here that is the first of its kind on a national level, and I am proud that the mining industry came together to develop a proposal that will spur on innovation, create well-paying jobs, improve safety and increase sustainability in the mining sector, and increase Canada’s mining exports around the world,” said Serré

“The timing of the CLEER Proposal could not be better in light of Premier Wynne’s announcement yesterday to move forward with the road to the Ring of Fire! I am very happy the Government of Ontario recognizes the massive economic benefit the Ring of Fire will bring to all of Northern Ontario residents, indigenous communities and all size of industry. As previously suggested I firmly believe Capreol is the best location to house the refinery due to the ties to rail, available land and real estate,” continued Serré

“I am proud of the mining industry and the role the sector has played and the wealth that it has created in the form of jobs and economic development in the Canadian economy. Subsequent governments were less supportive of this industry, and I am proud of our government’s renewed and ongoing commitment to the mining industry—we understand the great value it has on a national level, and will continue to invest in initiatives that make the industry more innovative and sustainable. As the Member of Parliament for Nickel Belt, I want to assure members of the newly formed CLEER consortium that their voices are heard loud and clear in Ottawa, and that I will continue to be one of your strongest advocates both here at home and when I travel to meet with policymakers and industry leaders abroad,” Serré concluded.

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