Greenstone Challenged by Nunavut Youth Hockey Team : More Funds/Support Req’d

Happiness in hockey. Nunavut to Ontario. by Andrew Mcfarlane - (click to visit) Greenstone Contributor Edgar Lavoie recently provided a link to an article by the CBC regarding Andrew McFarlane, a teacher, now living and working  in Whale Cove, Nunavut, who had previously tought in Geraldton. McFarlane beleives his new students could benefit from meeting and competing with Greenstone’s hockey stars. He has plans for the Nunavut team to play a 7 game tournament during the week of March 16 – 23, 2014 against the Geraldton Composite High School hockey team, this is the plan he provided via the page through which the group is collecting donations:

“In Whale Cove, Nunavut, hockey is what they do, it is what they know and it truly is part of their culture. The kids even skate down the roads here! We have a hockey team that is very talented, they have played hockey together their whole lives and a few of them have been lucky enough to travel for hockey and be invited to play for and represent the territory of Nunavut in the upcoming Arctic Winter Games, although many others on the team have never had the opportunity to travel to a hockey tournament or visit Ontario. I am doing my best to ensure that these boys are given that chance, and I am asking for your help. We have booked tickets using a credit card. We are going… But we need your help. We need to pay for the flights and we will also need to raise another $10000 for the week in Manitoba and Ontario. The end goal is to play a 7 game series against the Geraldton High school hockey team. (March 16-23). I would really love it if you passed this link along, helped out with whatever donation you could give and supported us however you can! We have ways to advertise for you if you would like to sponsor us that’s possible as well. (Business name on track suits, jerseys… We could be the (__your company name here__) whalers… Anything is possible. Please help me in this! Bring smiles to these boys. They deserve it.”

Having already received support from locals and businesses in Greenstone, including Robins Donuts in Longlac who will be providing jerseys, and more than 3 months to continue garnering support, the tournament is looking like a real possibility. If you would like to donate to this cause visit



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