Ontario Reaches Milestone in Far North Land Use Planning

Province Releases Draft Far North Land Use Strategy

Ontario is launching the next phase in the development of a Far North Land Use Strategy by releasing a draft strategy, and is asking First Nations, stakeholders, and the public to provide their input and ideas.

When complete, the strategy will guide Far North joint land use planning teams on:

  • Cultural, social, environmental and economic interests across the Far North
  • Categories of land use designations and protected area designations
  • Processes/requirements for amending community based land use plans.

The strategy will also provide information and guidance to developers and resource managers as they plan and approve projects.

The draft strategy has been prepared with input from First Nations, stakeholders and the general public. The province previously released for comment an introduction to the Far North Land Use Strategy in December 2013, followed by a discussion paper in September, 2014.


In addition, First Nations and Ontario are working jointly to prepare land use plans for the Far North. Land use planning in the Far North will contribute to economic growth while ensuring areas of cultural and ecological value are protected.


  • Land use plans set out dedicated protected areas and identify opportunities for economic development such as mineral exploration and development, infrastructure, tourism and renewable energy.
  • Almost all First Nation communities in the Far North have engaged with Ontario in the early stages of preparing a community based land use plan.
  • Five First Nation communities have completed community based land use plans: Pikangikum, Cat Lake, Slate Falls, Pauingassi and Little Grand Rapids.


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