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18 Responses to “Letters to the Editor”

  • Daniel Charron says:

    Really nailed the headline on Stan’s egging!

  • Philip McGuire says:

    Community Event Calendar

    2012 Events
    Thursday, March 1: Open House Meeting –Travelodge-Airlane, Thunder Bay, Ontario
    Wednesday, February 29: Open House Meeting – Geraldton Community Centre, Geraldton, Ontario
    Monday, February 27: Constance Lake First Nation Community Gathering and Open House Meeting, Constance Lake, Ontario

  • Philip McGuire says:

    Cliffs Natural Resources
    Open house meeting in Thunder Bay is 4 pm to 9pm

  • Armand Giguere says:

    Hi Karina,

    I live in Caramat and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website and all its content, I check it just about on a daily basis and I am always amazed how much you cover.

    keep up the great work,


    • admin says:

      Thanks so much Armand! Glad to hear it, would love to have more from Caramat if you are ever interested in submitting photos/articles about anything happening!

  • Colin Scheyen says:

    Contact: Colin Scheyen
    Phone: 647-688-9117
    Email: colin@undergroundsunshine.com
    Website: undergroundsunshine.com


    Nuclear Hope: A documentary about communities who are involved in the NWMO nuclear waste repository project.

    Nuclear waste has an incredibly negative stigma attached to it. People are afraid that a nuclear power plant is dangerous, and that living near one will lead to increased chance of cancer, and many live in fear of a reactor meltdown. Like any technology, there are risks, but the majority of what people know about nuclear energy and its waste is based upon public perception, not necessarily fact.

    The biggest problem with nuclear energy is the waste. What do you do with dangerous waste material that needs to be sealed away for centuries, and even millennia? There is a new project from the NWMO (Nuclear Waste Management Organization) that is looking for a site to build a new large-scale nuclear waste facility. There are a number of communities that are currently exploring this idea. Some have quickly dismissed it based upon public opinion; others are testing the waters in a fact-finding fashion; and others are actively pursuing it.

    Nuclear Hope will be a documentary about these communities, and how they go about making a decision that will affect their home for a very long time. On one hand you will have nuclear waste buried in your back yard, and on the other you will have the incredible economic boost to that community in terms of the jobs that it will create.

    This is a subject that is extremely polarizing, with many layers of complexity that may have no correct answer.
    Underground Sunshine Production will be in your community on August 6th and wants to hear everyone’s opinion on this matter.
    If you would like more information about this film, or would like to schedule a meeting, call Colin Scheyen at 647-688-9117, or email at colin@undergroundsunshine.com.

  • David Schulte says:

    Hope you and yours have a happy 2013. I made it to Halifax finally. Am wondering if you still have that picture of me and Fred eaglesmth. Would love to have a copy for my PowerPoint show. Take care, David

  • Jackie Harrison says:

    Thank you to MOE and to all the volunteers that hosted the fishing derby and bar b q. You have no idea what these events do to a child who has never experienced this kind of winter fun.
    My grandson has been excited since he read in the news letter that the derby was on again this year. He had still been talking about last years derby.
    My husband and I are from the city and hadnt done much of this winter fun either. thank you all. He also experienced snowshoeing the other day with the school. Manitouwadge has so much to offer, we love it here. Jackie and Lee Harrison and Marcus Spicer

  • Jason Sack says:

    From the Caramat and Longlac areas:

    Unclaimed Balance Information
    Address: PO BOX 14 CARAMAT
    Savings Account : 05-92331 0 Transferred to Bank of Canada: $34.73
    Last Transaction Date: 2002/12/24 Transfer Date: 2012/12/31
    Status: UNCLAIMED Outstanding Balance: $34.73

    Unclaimed Balance Information
    Address: PO BOX 89 LONGLAC
    Current Account : 5401011 0 Transferred to Bank of Canada: $30.39
    Last Transaction Date: 1990/8/8 Transfer Date: 2000/12/31
    Status: UNCLAIMED Outstanding Balance: $30.39

    Unclaimed Balance Information
    Savings Account : 7016398 Transferred to Bank of Canada: $256.86
    Last Transaction Date: 2002/6/7 Transfer Date: 2012/12/31
    Status: UNCLAIMED Outstanding Balance: $256.86

    • admin says:

      WOW! BIG Thanks for all the additional sleuthing you’ve done!! Hopefully people will put this information to good use! Karina

  • Chris MIlls says:

    Upon closer inspection of the train disaster in Lac Megantic Quebec, can you imagine what the circumstances would have been if the train was transporting more dangerous goods across this country. Yes it was a horrific event and hopefully will never be repeated, but if the train was transporting Nuclear Waste reactor rods from any of our Nuclear reactors to a geological depository, the entire town would have had to be abandoned and most of the first responders would be dead within a year.
    I know that the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is actively trying to recruit a starving community in Northwestern Ontario to take used Nuclear Waste fuel rods to bury and forget. They are bribing them with the stories of hundreds of jobs, and millions to the economy. But one accident, just one and we could be cut off from the rest of the country because the area of the disaster will be off limits for our life time and our children’s and our children’s children’s life time.
    Even transportation by truck is not safe, we hear on the news at least once a month were the highway is closed because of a transport accident. There was an accident just last week July 10, the west side of Ignace where a gentleman from Winnipeg was killed. If he was transporting highly toxic Nuclear Waste used fuel rods, the TransCanada would be closed for the foreseeable future. Which would mean all of Northwestern Ontario would economically perish.
    Chris Mills, Thunder Bay

  • Morley Forster says:

    I don’t know Mr Mills or anything about his background, but it is evident he knows nothing about the precautions taken in the Transportation of Nuclear Waste, the containment vessels used and the National Plan to deal with used nuclear fuels. He is merely one more ignorant alarmist with access to a computer.
    Had the train been carrying used nuclear fuel through Lac Megantic no explosion would have occurred and though a derailment may have still happened the extraordinary loss of life would not have happened.
    Vehicular collisions on the highway will still happen and highways will still be closed for the investigation but those closures will end as they do today and the alarmist view of Mr Mills will not occur.
    I do not ordinarily make responses to these types of messages but enough is enough.
    Take a look for yourself and the measures being used to safeguard our lives and future and judge for yourself the safety record of the Nuclear Industry.
    Morley Forster

    • admin says:

      Thank you to both Mr. Mills and Mr. Forester for joining the conversation! Unfortunately my vacation began July 19th just after the NWMO had done Transportation Exhibits in Wawa, Hornepayne and Schreiber so I didn’t get the article up immediately but it will be published this week – hopefully this will assist in informing people as well (until then your comment Mr. Forester is much appreciated!).

      I would encourage everyone to read the “Ask the NWMO” advertisement which is visible for a week each month on OntarioNewsNorth.com (the most recent one just finished yesterday so a new issue will be published again around the 3rd week of August) they provide in depth answers to many of the most frequently asked questions regarding the NWMO, the process of communities “Learning More” (they are not being ‘recruited’ as Mr. Mills thought but rather it is the communities that sought out participation in the “Learn More” process with the NWMO and the communities that choose whether or not to continue in doing so). I would also strongly encourage anyone with questions to use the search bar here on OntarioNewsNorth.com (in the header-i.e.top portion- of everypage) by typing ‘Nuclear’ (or whatever word relates to the subject you’d like to see archived articles/photos/videos of) and hitting ‘Enter’ (the key on your keyboard) to see all past articles about the Northwestern Ontario communities that were or are in the NWMO’s Learn More process as well as any other nuclear related articles that have been published (including articles/footage from my trip to Toronto & Ottawa where I participated in a media tour of the NWMO’s offices, the Pickering Nuclear Power Station and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (this was an INCREDIBLY informative trip paid for by the NWMO which put NO restrictions on what we published afterwards, how we chose to view what we had learned, had directors of their many departments (including transportation) in attendance answering all our questions, and much more – upon my return I published several articles including a summary of the trip, photos and video footage which may answer many questions for those still lacking information from the source.

      Information regarding the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, the communities “Learning More”, transportation of used nuclear fuel, potential deep geological repository and more is available at http://www.NWMO.ca

      Thanks again for your comments gentlemen! A reminder to be sure to enter a current/valid email address when commenting as draws are done periodically held for OntarioNewsNorth.com apparel and/or merchandise but the only way you can receive a prize if your name is drawn (every so often all those who have commented or submitted news, photos or videos since the last draw are entered) is if you have provided a valid email for us to contact you for a mailing address!

  • Carley Lennox says:

    Sent in on behalf of the honourable Charles Sousa

    The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s “Debt Clock” tour fails to take into account the whole picture. During the global recession a few years ago, our government invested heavily to protect jobs and boost economic growth because that was the right thing to do. Despite the rhetoric, our government has a plan to balance the budget by 2017-18, create jobs and continue to grow the economy. Our youth jobs strategy will help 30,000 young people get their foot in the door for their first job and our infrastructure investments support 100,000 jobs annually.

    What the CTF fails to say is that there needs to be a balance. Strategic investments, such as those we are making, help strengthen the economy and are necessary while we continue to work to balance the budget and reduce our net-debt to GDP to the pre-recession level of 27 per cent. We have exceeded our deficit targets four years in a row – a feat that no other government in Canada has accomplished. In addition, for the last two years, we have held growth in program spending to less than one per cent.

    We are building on our province’s strong economic fundamentals by continuing to create a competitive business climate, invest in modern infrastructure, invest in skills and education, promote entrepreneurship and innovation, help our businesses go global and ensure communities across the province benefit.

    —Charles Sousa, Ontario Minister of Finance

  • fox news says:

    This web site certainly has all of the information I wanted and
    didn’t know who to ask.

  • Steve T. Sobel says:

    Dear Karina…April 1st, 2014..

    I live in Michigan. Can you kindly update me since a meeting was held early in February in regards to the proposed cancellation of the train that services Hearst & Sault Ste Marie tri weekly, the latest news if the service stands a chance to at least operate for another year after April 30th of this month?

    I belong to an advocate group here in Michigan (MARP) and I am looking for some updated information.

    Thank you so much. Have a great day!

    Steve T. Sobel;
    Farmington, Michigan

    • admin says:

      Hello Steve, though Hearst and Sault Ste. Marie are actually not part of the region I provide news for,the ACR and regular passenger rail services are, in my opinion very important to everyone in the North. Unfortunately OntarioNewsNorth.com has not had the resources to research and cover developments in this story HOWEVER I did want to provide you with some information and so here are a few links that I found which I’m hoping will have answers for your questions:

      Hope this helps, thank you for reading OntarioNewsNorth.com! I would be very interested in publishing any update you would submit as a Letter to the Editor, please do not hesitate to contact me directly by email Editor@OntarioNewsNorth.com, thank you,
      P.S.I have personal experiences riding the ACR from SSM to Wawa and Dubreuilville as part of a number of ATV tours I covered (Fall Colours Tour) when I used to write for ATV World Magazine. It was so neat to see how many ppl used the train to get to cottages and remote areas the train seeming to leave them ‘in the middle of nowhere’. I am saddened to think of the loss of affordable access for these and many others.

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